Real-time monitoring of surface water

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Many indicative measurements provide insight

Discover the possibilities of Omikron: floating modular measurement units. The measurement units are equipped with multiple sensors. By constructing a grid of many of these units, insight can be gained in the condition of surface waters. The measurements are indicative.

Monitoring made easy

Online measurement system for monitoring water quality. Create the measurement grid that fits your needs.

  • Choose locations, parameters and frequency
  • Get set up fast and connect to the internet
  • Long uptime and easy maintenance
  • Be smarter with real-time data

Omikron Solutions schema
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To measure is to know

Is the water good enough to use for irrigation? Can cattle safely drink the water? Is the amount of eutrophication acceptable? Or is it time to take measures to improve water quality?




Electrical conductivity

flow speed

Flow speed

flow direction

Flow direction

battery voltage

Battery voltage



dissolved oxygen

Dissolved oxygen*

Oxygen reductino potential

Oxidation Reduction Potential*




Insight into salination

Salination of (ground) water is an increasing problem. The Omikron system is an excellent choice to gain insight into the amount of salination of surface waters; such as rivers, ponds and lakes. The measurements provide insight for decision-making.

Dredging impact

Impact of dredging

During dredging campaigns it is possible to monitor the impact. Measure electrical conductivity while dredging. Or measure dissolved oxygen to see the effects on eutrophication.

Water quality

Quality of surface water

Monitoring can provide insight into changes of the quality of surface water. The Omikron system can measure values such as pH or Oxidation Reduction Potential.


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